a daughter of a Holocaust survivor paints the story.

She Taught Her Daughters
48" X 36"

She was well educated and very religious. She taught her daughters at home. How mortified she must have felt to undress in front of all those men before entering the gas chamber. Here stands her daughter the survivor at the crematorium 50 years later with her son and grandson who will be called as a bar mitzvah in a month or two.

Mixed media on canvas including: Wooden cover of a Megillah (scroll read on Purim, depicting the story of how Esther saved the Jews of Persia from the evil Haman, who tried to destroy them. Hitler is often referred to as a modern "Haman".

Flax that wraps an etrog (the citron used on the harvest festival of Sukkot and symbolizes the heart). Palm Branch (also used during the festival of Sukkot and symbolizes the spine).


- Mina Cohen


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If, through these paintings, I can get each person who sees them to personally make the commitment not to perpetuate hatred on others, then we are successful.
Santa Barbara News Press, May, 1996

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